Greek name : ΣΑΝΤΟΡΙΝΗ
Type of Ship : Freighter
Internat. call sign : SZMK
Port of Registry : Piraeus 449
Later Names : 1884 IRENE
Initial Flag of Registry : Great Britain
Owner : 1884 Jaffé Bros, London, Great Britain
1885 Società Anonima di Navigazione a Vapore Puglia, Bari, Italy
1915 British Admiralty, Great Britain
1919 Robert William Nox, Athens, Greece
1921 Oriental Shipping Co., Ltd. (A. A. Capparis), Piraeus, Greece*
1923 Georges Grohmann, Piraeus, Greece
1934 Antonios G. Chalaris & Ioannis P. Dakoutros, Piraeus, Greece
1941 German Reich
1943 Mittelmeer-Reederei GmbH, Hamburg, Germany
Shipyard : Pearce Bros, Dundee, Great Britain
Hull Number : 14
Year of Construction : 1884

Launch : 27.03.1884
Commissioned : 00.04.1884
Size (GRT) : 708
Size (NRT) : 448
Lenght (m) : 54,8
Width (m) : 8,2
Depth (m) : 3,6
Crew : 15 [B]
Engine : Steam engine/2 cylinders/Pearce Bros, Dundee, Great Britain
Output : 73 NHP
Screws : 1
Speed (kn) : 8
1884 completed by shipyard Pearce Bros, Dundee, Scotland, Great Britain, for brothers Jaffé, London, Great Britain, as freighter IRENE.
1885 sold to “Società Anonima di Navigazione a Vapore Puglia”, Bari, Italy, and renamed GARGANO.
1915 acquired by the British Admiralty and used as blockship during the Gallipoli campaign. Later salvaged and presumably repaired.
1919 sold to Robert William Nox, Athen, Greece. [B]
1921 acquired by Oriental Shipping Co., Ltd. (A. A. Capparis), Piraeus, Greece*, and renamed NIKOLAOS.
1923 sold to Georges Grohmann, Piraeus, Greece, and renamed PHENARETE.
1930 Manag. M. Steriotis, Piraeus, Greece
1934 acquired by Antonios G. Chalaris (50%) and Ioannis P. Dakoutros (50%), Piraeus, Greece, and renamed SANTORINI (after their birthplace, the island of Thira).
10.05.1941 detected by German troops in Piraeus harbor and declared as prize. [C]
09.10.1941 Decision of employment by the prize court in Berlin. [C] SANTORINI was armed with four machine guns and served between August 1941 and October 1943 in the traffic between Italy and the Aegean.
25.02.1942 in Piraeus being unworthy of repairs.
09.03.1943 handed over to “Mittelmeer-Reederei GmbH”, Hamburg. [D]
16.10.1943, 23:30, with a Greek captain and a Greek crew fired upon by the Greek destroyer MIAOULIS (ex HMS MODBURY) and the British destroyer HMS HURSLEY (from Nov 2, 1943 Greek destroyer KRITI) together with GA 41 in Vathi Bay (today Rinas Bay), Kalymnos. While GA 41 remained undamaged, SANTORINI was heavily damaged, the captain was dead and one crew member severely wounded and two others lightly wounded. The crew was ordered to leave the ship except for one man as a guard. [E][F][G]
22.10.1943 According to orders, the crew ashore left the place and the heavily damaged ship with the remaining armament. [E]
The ship sank during the following days in Vathy bay. After the war, the funnel was still visible above the surface for years.
1950-52 wrecked by O.A.N. (Greek demolition committee). [A][H][I]

*) Christos Dounis mentions, that the steamer was sold for 252.000 Drachmes to Epaminondas N. Papadam (42%), brothers and sisters Athanassios, Emanouil and Dimitrios Krinos (35%), Dimitrios A. Papadam (1%) and Petros Antonellos (5%), while Robert William Nox kept 1%. [B]

Date of Loss : 10.05.1941
Place of Loss : Piraeus, Greece [C]
Kind of Loss : Prize
Cause of Loss : Prize
Name of Opponent : German Reich
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