Lfd. Nr.: 212135

Region : Mittelmeer
Angriffs-Datum : 13.04.1944
Angriffs-Zeit : 05:24
Nation d. U-Bootes : griechisch
Name des U-Bootes : Pipinos
Kommandant : Rallis
Eingesetzte Waffe(n) : kein Waffeneinsatz
Position Angreifer : 20sm N Suda Bay
Nation des Ziels : deutsch
tatsächlicher Ziel-Typ : Dampfer
Name des Ziels : Sabine x
Ex-Nation des Ziels : italienisch
Ex-Name des Ziels : Salvatore
tatsächliche Tonnage : 2252 BRT
tatsächliche Treffer : Angriff nicht beobachtet
Konvoi-Bezeichnung : 13/0230 Suda - Piraeus
Zusammensetzung Konvoi : SABINE (ex SALVATORE, 2252 BRT), SUZANNE (ex THEODOSIA, 552 BRT) / Ds VOLTAIRE, UJ2101, UJ2105, UJ2110
Bemerkungen : Angriffsbericht Pipinos vom 13.04.1944: "At 04.20 in position 20 miles N of Suda Bay a convoy was sighted approaching from the southward, range 8 miles. PIPINOS dived and maneuvered to delay attacking until daylight. Unfortunately at 05.24 just after turning to a firing course at a range of 1500 m from the leading MV, an AS vessel was seen approaching from short range and PIPNOS had to go deep. This AS vessel was joined by another and both remained in the vicinity until 06.00. PIPNOS returned to periscope depth at 06.05 and identified the convoy as the MVs SALVATORE and SUZANNE escorted by one destroyer, 4 small AS vessels and two or three aircraft.