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Hubertus, Horst and the HMA would like to thank the following for their assistance: (Names listed in alphabetical order)

  • Fernando Almeida
  • Terry Andrews
  • Siegfried Anetzberger
  • Pamela Armstrong
  • Eric-Jan Bakker
  • Heinz-Jürgen Baumann
  • Roland Berr
  • Glenn Bode
  • Rainer Bruns
  • Carl Evens
  • Wolfgang Freese
  • Hans Gerisch of U 410 & U 385
  • Roger Griffiths — very special thanks for searching the British Archives
  • Marc Haldimann
  • Urs Hessling
  • Christine Hillmann
  • Markus Hofmann and Andreas Angerer at
  • August Kirchner of U 1221
  • Wolfgang Klaue
  • Maurice Laarmann
  • Günter Labude  of U 642 & U 3518
  • Hans Mair,
  • Rodney J Martin,
  • Paul Mengelberg of U 5, U 39 and U 26
  • Herbert Meyer for DKiG lists
  • Juergen Meyer-Brenkhof,Fregattenkapitän aD
  • Jan Niemeier
  • Dr. Axel Niestlé
  • Lawrence Paterson
  • David & Brenda Rayner
  • Ulf Richter
  • Laurent Rizzotti
  • Petra Roek, U 1058
  • Peter Schmid
  • Peter Sharpe
  • Rudolf Storm of U 968
  • Richard Sysum
  • Rudolf Stenzel of U 155
  • Ron Young
  • Uwe Stachelhaus

German Crewlists of World War 2

A Project by Hubertus Weggelaar and Horst Schmeisser

Hubertus Weggelaar is collecting information about members of the german Kriegsmarine in a database for over 10 years now und Horst Schmeisser is doing researches on the german u-boats and their crews since 30 years. They hope that their lists will be interesting and useful for the reader.
For a long time these crew lists were presented on In Arrangement with the owner of that website the lists are now presented in the HMA.
They were made up with the help of reseachers and relatives of Kriegsmarine personal, see right box. For additions and corrections to this data base readers can send an e-mail to the authors:
Hubertus Weggelaar: (English)
Horst Schmeisser: (German)

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